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The Prime Piggyback – Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

As a kid, each summer I sold popsicles from my house to neighborhood kids.  It was a tidy business that earned me a new mountain bike within the first couple weeks of summer. Not bad for an 11 year old that didn’t have anything else going on. One of the neighborhood kids started buying a […]

Selling Out: Profit From Your Passion

Deciding what to sell can be a stressful process of starting an eCommerce venture. Ensuring demand is only one part of the equation. You also need to factor in the supply chain, the cost to bring a product to market, potential competition, and many other factors. Having dabbled in a variety of products, I can […]

Channel Sales or Going it Alone: Pros and Cons

Starting a business can be fun. Deciding on a clever name, designing a clever logo, giving yourself a clever title like “Director of Cleverness” is all a rush. And don’t get me started with spreadsheets that project 5 year revenue at $10 million.  What could be better than that? But once you are done with […]

4 Ways to Stop Throwing Money Away on Shipping

When starting an eCommerce business, it can feel like you are just there to keep eBay, Amazon, UPS and FedEx in business. They get their cut, hopefully there is something left over for that mysterious thing called “profits”. I have made mistakes by buying the wrong items, and wasted time by using the wrong tools. […]

Big Brands and Counterfeit Goods

I once had a conversation with someone about doing business on eBay.  They told me that at one point in the past they were shipping 1,000+ orders every month. I was curious how they were so successful, and why they decided to stop. They were selling Monster Brand AV cables.  These cables sell for big […]

What could you do with $12,000?

There are hundreds of books and articles on entrepreneurship. They usually start by going over the risks of “striking out on your own”.  Can you handle the stress and uncertainty?  Can you stomach the risk involved? At Garage Profits, we applaud those that strike out on their own and make a living, large or small. […]