eCommerce is for everyone.

You might be running a giant retail organization that sells millions of dollars worth of merchandise every day. Or, you might be working a “normal job”, interested in branching out and securing your future.

In the age we live in, you no longer have to mortgage your future to strike out on your own. The barriers have never been lower. The power of the Internet brings opportunity and audience right to your door.

Garage Profits is interested in helping small and medium sized organizations get closer to their potential by providing eCommerce education and consulting. We can help you find your footing on an ever-shifting landscape. We can help you launch a new idea, a new product, or a new offer.

sam_headshot_square-2015The Conflicted Entrepreneur

Hi, I am Sam Anderson of Garage Profits. Anyone that knows me will tell you I have always been the “Entrepreneurial Type”. Starting at 11 years old, the business ventures came and went with varying degrees of success. Later as a young father, I was also interested in a secure life for my family. The desire to strike out on my own came in direct conflict with my need to provide for my family today (not 5 years from now after an IPO!).  So I went to school and earned an MBA.  I had good jobs over the years, but was largely unfulfilled.

I thought I was uniquely tortured as a risk-averse entrepreneur. I was convinced I’d inherited the genetic makeup that would guarantee I would be in a persistently unfulfilled state. After meeting lots of people and sharing my story, I now know that I am not alone. Lots of people want the freedom that extra income brings, without taking on the risk of generating their full wage week after week.

I launched a lot of businesses over the years. But I lacked the time, money, and attention span to see them through to something great.

Then one day I bought a refurbished iPad on a deal of the day site. It came with a no-questions-asked return policy, so my risk was eliminated.  I bought it, tested it out, and sold it for a small profit.

The next day I bought another one.  Then a few more.

I began looking around at other options, and stumbled onto a site where I could bid on 5 pallets of music gear listed as Customer Returns. My wife rolled her eyes, and I plopped down $5,000 for the lot. Now I was in it.  Instead of $400 iPads, I now had a garage filled with gear.

I still hadn’t mortgaged my home or sold my car or quit my job. I did have a credit card, and I was confident I could make some money at the price I’d paid. It involved some risk, but my earlier success had prepared my for it.

I couldn’t lose interest this time, I had a garage taking my wife’s parking spot.

Between the money I owed Visa, and the pile of gear in my garage, I had no problem finding the time to get the stuff sold.

Scaling Up

I only broke even on that first lot, and on the next couple I bought as well.  My profits were eaten up in mistakes that I made. There was a price to the lessons I learned, but I never had to risk money from my “real job” at any point along the way.

My first full calendar year in business, I sold $85,000 worth of inventory with very minimal risk. From there I scaled up, buying liquidation lots from all over the country, and importing goods from overseas.  I kept my full time job that whole time while I built my systems, learned valuable lessons, and tested new product lines.

Lessons Learned

Those early lessons have given me an education in eCommerce practices, systems, and strategies that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I created Garage Profits to share those lessons with the world.  Whether you simply have an idea, are just starting out, or you need some help scaling to the next level, I’d love to help you out.